Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gifts for the Fashionista (You know who you are)

So this is my second attempt third attempt at blogging and I couldn't think of a better way to jumpstart it but with some shameless self-promotion! Our little Etsy shop has been featured in a Etsy Treasury about a few of my favorite things...namely VINTAGE and fashion so I thought I would share.

 Feel free to visit and view some of the fantastic items that Etsy has to offer! There's some AMAZING talent on Etsy.

In case you are wondering which lovely item in our shop was featured...it's these lovely Charles Jourdan Paris Pumps. They are beautiful,classic and ON SALE! All fashionistas know that FABULOUS-NESS doesn't come cheap but they are wrong! You can be stylish and work it on a budget by adding vintage to your wardrobe. It's great for the environment and it's also affordable.  Not to mention the exclusiveness of owning an item that is completely unique and rare.

So... I hope you have enjoyed my 1st post & do drop by so I can share vintage, fashion and more vintage and fashion! I will be hosting my first of many blog giveaways soon so stay posted! Feel free to leave comments & suggestions, it's appreciated!

Mrs Passé


  1. Thanks so much! I'm trying my hand at it again and I must say when you speak from the heart it's quite easy!

  2. It's very good! And yes speaking about what you love makes it very easy :)

  3. @ Stephanie thanks for your feedback! I have been trying to find my voice when blogging and feel that I was getting caught up in the glam of making my blog pretty versus focusing on the point I'm trying to get across.